We have been trying to get used to the new normal here at The Safari Lounge. Both staff and customer safety has been the first consideration with regards to re-opening since the (first!) lockdown. Our take away/collection service as well as food delivery direct to tables at the Bellfield Brewery had been something new for the Safari team to get to grips with but it was great to get back to it all and the team has been loving seeing all your friendly faces again - we missed you!!! However, after reopening in November after the (2nd!) lockdown and limited to only being open until 6pm and with no alcohol sales, it hasn't been sustainable. We gave it a month but in the end it wasn't financially viable to be open. We'll keep an eye on the latest announcements and hopefully we'll move into tier 2 at some point which might give us a chance... until then, stay safe and hope to see you all soon!! 


We are operating a 'click and collect' system for drink and food ordering - drinks and food can be ordered for take away/collection or can be ordered to be delivered to your table in The Safari Lounge or for delivery direct to your table at Bellfield Brewery. 

Ordering is easy - simply click on the link and it will take you into the menu, you can then order from there and also pay there. 

You can then collect from the bar - you'll get a notification (hopefully!) when it is ready or it will be delivered to your table if you are sitting inside.

If you are at Bellfield Brewery - please try and order within 15 minutes of taking your seat at your table so we can ensure your food gets to you before your time slot is up and you have had time to eat your food. Remember if you are coming to the end of your time slot at your table, you could order and collect it from us on your way home.

We are getting used to this new system so please bear with us! :-)



We have reduced the number of tables inside the bar to ensure Safarians can eat and drink at the recommeneded distance guidelines - click on the link to reserve a table from 2 to 6 people.

Please note, under 18's are only allowed inside until 8pm due to licensing laws.

Dugs are still welcome, but we ask they are kept on their leads at all times.


Most items on our menu are gluten free. Although please be aware our kitchen is not a gluten free environment, nevertheless we have done a pretty good job to ensure there is as little gluten as possible. Let us know if you do have any other allergies however and we can inform you of the alergens in each dish.

We try and make our vegetarian and vegan options a little different as it shouldn't always be the meat eaters that get the best choice! We are always open to suggestions on what we can do to make these options even more varied so feel free to let us know your valued opioion.

Our kitchen is only wee and as everything is made on site from scratch using the freshest ingredients - during busy periods we can get swamped so bear with us and we'll get your order ready as quickly as possible.

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